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Buy a Reliable Home Alarm System

May 22, 2018

1. The basic composition of the home burglar alarm - home burglar alarm is usually composed of the alarm host, all kinds of detectors, user operation parts (keyboard, remote control, etc.). Can be divided into three major parts from the function: detection part, on-site processing part, follow-up processing part. The types of detectors mainly include door magnets, passive infrared detectors, active infrared detectors, emergency buttons, smoke detectors, fire detectors, flammable gas probes, etc. These components constitute the detection part of the alarm, with on-site audio alarms and The alarm host, telephone line and dedicated data line that automatically dial the preset telephone voice alarm function constitute the on-site processing part and the subsequent processing part.

2. Product selection - from the perspective of alarm installation, the product can be divided into two forms of wired and wireless. The wired method has the advantages of reliable communication, strong anti-jamming capability, low device cost, etc. It is suitable for new construction and can be used in walls. Buildings with reserved cables inside. Its main drawback is its poor mobility and inconvenience to meet the changing demands of users and products. It is a very tricky task to install and construct a renovated room. The wireless method can prevent the connection between the detector and the host from destroying the interior decoration, and has the advantages of being flexible and concise. The main disadvantage of the wireless method is that it is vulnerable to interference from outside electromagnetic waves and the device has a relatively high cost.

3. From the perspective of the function of the alarm, the product can be divided into two types: on-site alarm and smart phone alarm. On-site alarm means that when a thief occurs, the detector transmits the detected signal to the host, and the host sends audio after receiving the signal. Alarm sounds to deter thieves. In addition to the alarm function of the smart phone, the host can also automatically dial the user's preset phone number. After dialing, the user can play the voice recorded by the user to indicate the location of the touch alarm, and can monitor the case through the phone. The sound of the scene. Using this feature of the host, it can easily form a networked alarm system with the cell security or police alarm center. The use of home burglar alarms should be based on multiple factors such as the size of the home, the characteristics of the building structure, the surrounding environment, and the composition of the family.

Buy a Reliable Home Alarm System

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