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Burglary Occurs Frequently; Alarm System Ensures the Safety of the User's Home

Jul 16, 2018

Burglary Occurs Frequently

Alarm System Ensures the Safety of the User's Home

Theft is often happened, how to effectively guard against theft has always been the problem of attention, especially some of the old village, has become the focus of the thieves often, security doors and window has been unable to stop their behavior, at present, the family security more and more get people's attention. And the use of infrared alarm is also the general trend, effective protection of household security.

Dali, 26, and Chen, 16, stole 13 pieces of jewellery worth more than 700,000 yuan in bengbu. Since they knew nothing about jewelry, they turned three of them into fakes and threw them away. Police found one of the diamond necklaces and a diamond ring in a rubbish bin and a green belt.

The traditional security door is a virtual one with the opening of technical lock

At noon last September 11, police arrested the suspects li mou and Chen mou in a hotel. According to the suspect's confession, the two men used technical means to unlock the lock. "Unlock will knock at the door before judging whether anyone in the home, once knocked at the door found each other through the cat's eye is a stranger, and not be quiet, result two people mistakenly assume that no one in the home, after the lock doors, found that stood in the sitting room, two people frighten run."

More than 700,000 yuan of jewelry in the family vault was looted

On September 5 last year, the criminal investigation team of bengbu public security bureau of bengbu city received a report from the victim, Mr. Zhang, that 710,000 yuan worth of jewelry had been stolen from his family's safe. After receiving the alarm, the police repeatedly tracked down the investigation and found that two suspicious men were wandering around the neighborhood a few days before the crime. Following their path, the police identified the suspect's hiding place.

The stupid thief didn't see the goods and threw away the real jewelry as a fake

As the case was solved in time, the jewelry stolen by the two had not been sold. But the police counted only 10 pieces of jewelry on the suspect's body, which was not consistent with the number Mr. Zhang reported as 13 pieces of stolen jewelry. After interrogation, they confessed that they had thrown away the three jewels.

Every day, similar incidents of burglary are occurring, and families who have been robbed lose their property or their lives. Burglary often casts a shadow on their daily life. As an individual, in life, is there a better way to effectively avoid burglary?

For this, reliable solution is prevention, can in the user in the home to install infrared alarm, when strangers randomly into play, instant alarm signal, remind the attention of the residents, relevant personnel can take corresponding measures immediately, will kill the crime in the cradle, effective guarantee the life property safety of the residents.

In fact, in today's national security awareness rising, home security guard has become the consensus of the majority, and the enhancement of security is to make people have more security, stability, easy means of family security. At present, there are two main types of home security, one is to install video monitoring system, the other is to install anti-theft alarm system. Video monitoring system is still controversial due to privacy issues, while a set of safe and effective anti-theft alarm system can better protect the family security.

Anti-theft alarm is the oldest anti-theft tool in history. It plays an important role in preventing illegal elements from invading and is widely used in every family. Carved sharp security developed infrared alarm, it has the function of anti pry alarm, when someone is trying to pry the door, the user mobile phone will soon receive alarm push information, all-round to ensure the safety of household door lock, let a thief hiding nothing.