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Burglar Alarm Will Become the Main Force of Family Security

Jul 03, 2018

Burglar Alarm Will Become the Main Force of Family Security

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, anti-theft alarm services have been extended to all walks of life, and played an important role in safeguarding social and family security.

Home users will be the biggest market in the future

China is the most populous country in the world, and the domestic alarm service market has great potential. We can clearly see that ADT and sikom have a home networking alarm service in their business projects. At present, security alarm service market in China is mainly the government and enterprises and institutions, community family security alarm service development is slower, but still occupy a large market space in the future. Along with the progress of society, people's safety consciousness will also be continuously improved. Providing different security services for different classes of people is the market space for the development and growth of China's alarm service enterprises in the future.

Why is the current number of home users holding up

Currently, more and more property developers gradually the "security" as a personalized bright spot, but it is understood that this "safe" does not really play a preventive role, the vast majority of anti-theft alarm facilities just decoration. More alarm services are aimed at businesses, schools and government programs, while the home user market has not been well developed. So why do alarm services refuse home users? In the whole market of internet-connected alarm services, the biggest headache of the operation center is the family users. Compared with other users, the characteristics of family users are more prominent: "more false alarm and waste police force". Generally speaking, although this is true, as long as the alarm service companies work hard to solve these problems, there is still considerable room for further development.

It is urgent to improve the industry standard

When a problem occurs, the practitioner needs to have a clear judgment on what is being done, rather than solving the problem according to each company's own judgment, which requires a clear division of responsibilities. Worldwide, many areas alarm service issued relevant laws and regulations, such as the UK has a security system service request, Japan's "security law", have the security guard ordinance of Hong Kong, make workers operation, there are laws for the division of responsibility, right, more specifically, it is beneficial to the development of the industry. As can be seen from the alarm service industry summit held in handan in April this year, many practitioners have urgent requirements for the state to issue relevant laws and regulations.

At present, the security alarm industry is still in the growth stage, and there are many imperfect places. However, overall, the security alarm service has made rapid development in China in recent years. As an inevitable trend of the development of alarm service industry, the household user market will be the biggest development space in the future. It is believed that in the next few years, the alarm service industry will become more standardized, and the family security market will develop better and better!