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Burglar Alarm System with Camera

Sep 03, 2018

Burglar Alarm System with Camera

The importance of home wireless surveillance camera to the family 

The home wireless surveillance camera is a kind of precautionary measure based on home security. It uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect the intrusion behavior occurring in the arming monitoring area, generate an alarm signal, and prompt the on-duty personnel. The area where the alarm occurred, showing the system that may take countermeasures. The main purpose is to use the host to connect various types of detectors by wireless or wired to realize the anti-theft alarm function. With the emphasis on family safety, home security applications are becoming more widespread. How to choose wired and wireless, home surveillance cameras need to be supported. The surveillance cameras in the home are generally not like cameras with large coverage and clear imaging in large buildings such as buildings and finance. 

In home security, surveillance cameras are generally used in conjunction with burglar alarms. After receiving the alarm from the burglar alarm, the user monitors the camera in time to check whether there is any intrusion or burglar alarm. All, when selecting a surveillance camera, it is not necessary to select a surveillance camera with high definition, long monitoring range and high price. If there is no one in the room for 24 hours, it is recommended to choose a surveillance camera with infrared night vision. Wired surveillance cameras require construction wiring, and some changes are made to the building walls of the installation site during installation. These cameras should be in a fixed position and need to be rewired when moving the surveillance camera, which is cumbersome, time consuming and uneconomical for home users. Instead, the wireless camera you want to move anywhere, because it supports wifi wireless monitoring. However, their transmission signals may be blocked by mobile phone signals or wireless networks, which in turn affects the quality of video transmission.

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