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Burglar Alarm Fully Protects Home; Thieves Have No Place to Escape

Jul 11, 2018

Burglar Alarm Fully Protects Home; Thieves Have No Place to Escape

It is believed that many families will have all kinds of security problems: shop theft, home theft, financial loss and so on. In fact, most of the problems come from the lack of security awareness!! Exclamation points for important things. Because we ignored the importance of gsm burglar alarm at ordinary times, the security problem of burglary also comes one after another.

At 2am on May 15, 2018, wang jun, who rented a shop in panshan county market with his wife and children, was awakened from sleep by the sound of siddhartha. When wang jun got up, he saw that he was in a cold sweat. 'catch the robber! In the dark, wang jun shouted so loudly that the robbers ran out of the house. Wang ran after him, but the thieves disappeared with the car starting. Wang jun immediately called the police.

Police from the public security bureau arrived at the scene of the crime. After investigation, they found that wang jun had stolen more than 6,000 yuan of cash and found a cigarette butt outside his house. Comprehensive information, the civil police decided that this is a case of burglary gang that USES night cover, drives a car, and runs away quickly, the perpetrators should be more than two.

Xu da and wu kai drove to a community near the east carbon plant before dawn Saturday morning, police said. In less than half an hour, two thieves came out of the neighborhood. "Close the net! At the command, police rushed up to block the two men and recovered a stolen cellphone from one of them.

Despite certain anti reconnaissance consciousness, suspects commit crime wearing camouflage caps, masks, gloves, but in the end, in conjunction with the panjin public security bureau department concerned to determine wang mou has a major crime suspects, and in late April will be hidden in panshan lujia village near the criminal suspect wang mou captured.

Burglary has always been a headache in social security, especially in large and medium-sized cities with large population density and floating population. A lot of media are reporting recently door lock appearance is false news, alleged the door lock of half a family in the country is close to "decoration" burglar can open more than ten seconds, afraid? In order to avoid unnecessary loss of family property, compared with traditional security products, the advantages of infrared burglar alarm are beyond doubt.

Therefore, the problem of our security against theft should start with professional alarm. So what kind of product is good against theft? It has to be mentioned here that it is known to many people --HEYI gsm burglar alarm. Believe knows it used anti-theft effect, therefore, as a boss, weighty speaker at home, it's like to be necessary for a cell phone, but alarm are the essentials of every family.

Alarm already exists in security form in family life, responsible for infrared detection probe, is responsible for alarm host, home, shop, warehouse, and so on mount a, immediately make property safety has been further safeguard, make life more dependable, secure, more at ease. In short, its main function is to guard against theft.

Using gsm burglar alarm need to match the detector, the host and the remote control to use, because alone alarm host may not alarm real role, if collocation a variety of detector and the remote control can make anti-theft effect is stronger, it plays the role of the main is early warning, to prevent family stolen, better life. Every day, you can control the host to deploy and remove the defense at will, and keep the first protective network of the family in control.

HEYI security developed gsm burglar alarm, it has the function of anti pry alarm, when someone is trying to pry the door, the user mobile phone will soon receive alarm push information, all-round to ensure the safety of household door lock, let a thief hiding nothing. So, your life is safe, let us guard it.