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Burglar Alarm for Home

Dec 18, 2018

Burglar Alarm for Home

Home is our shelter harbor, home is hiding in our lives all the most precious things. So the home should be warm, warm should be safe. Recently, a new movie "find you" tells the story of yao Chen's protagonist's child missing at home. It is not impossible for a child to disappear at home, but I think it should be completely avoidable. There is no such thing as "find you" as long as the anti-theft alarm system is installed.

What is a burglar alarm system? As is known to all, security is nothing more than civil air defense, community inspection, inspection and monitoring, etc., time-consuming and laborious. And a complete set of burglar alarm system, can ensure personal and property safety to the greatest extent, so that you have a safe and intelligent home. So, how to build a complete burglar alarm system?

Alarm Panel

Intelligent security host is the "brain" of the family security system, with independent APP. Can be connected to infrared detectors, door and window detectors, cameras and other accessories, but also through the mobile phone to remove the defense and partition defense. In short, with it, you can monitor your home security in real time.

The composition of security system

All kinds of sensors, function keys, detectors and actuators together constitute a family security system. For example, outdoor infrared radiation, infrared curtain, smoke detector, gas detector, water intrusion sensor and so on.

Alarm System

Anti-theft alarm system includes fire prevention, anti-theft, gas leakage alarm and emergency assistance and other functions. It adopts advanced intelligent control network technology, which is managed and controlled by microcomputer. It can give an automatic on-site alarm to bandits, thieves, fire, gas, emergency assistance and other accidents and notify the owner of the alarm through telephone or mobile phone APP remotely.

When the host is out and no one is at home, he can set the "guard" status on the mobile phone APP. Infrared detector can sense the moving human body, in addition, as long as someone comes in and opens the door, the door magnetic trigger, the host will push the alarm information to the master mobile phone, but also the linkage telephone dial alarm to dial the preset set of alarm calls. At the same time, it can also turn on the linkage light, and the alarm will emit harsh siren sound.

Smoke and gas alarm will be installed on the roof of the kitchen and bedroom in general, once an accident occurs, the monitoring system will send an alarm signal, alarm linkage intelligent switch and intelligent socket control lights and electrical appliances off, to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters. If you are away from home, you can also receive the alarm message at the first time through the APP, and it can also be pushed to the property request processing through linkage.

Besides, still can pass mobile phone real-time "remote look after a home", omni-directional protection lets you be far abroad also do not have the worry at home. The occurrence of alarm system of guard against theft, to the people that pursues quality of life to pay attention to domestic safety, it is a brand-new choice.

Science and technology security, rest assured life, anti-theft alarm system, can effectively protect the user's residence by the illegal elements stolen, provide security protection for the user's home, at the same time to create a harmonious and happy home. Smart home, let the space safe, stable, more secure.