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Best Wifi Alarm System

Nov 15, 2017

WIFI is becoming more and more popular and stable at home.

WIFI alarm system is simple and easy to operate, and it does not cost extra.

So more and more customers choose WIFI alarm system.

HEYI security has launched two series of WIFI alarm systems.


Dual network backup, automatic jump backup network in the case of weak WIFI signal or no WIFI, providing real-time query function of network status.

We are more rigorous and professional in security alarm industry.

The best wifi alarm system for you. W20 wifi/gprs/gsm alarm system

Support remote firmware updated is our unique design.

HY-W20 Kit.jpg

The best economical WIFI alarm system, HY-W21 WIFI/PSTN alarm system. 

Work with WIFI and Phone Line, reliable and economical.

HY-W21 KIT.jpg