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Are Alarm Systems Worth It

Jan 24, 2019

Are Alarm Systems Worth It

Smart home sounds far away from us, but in fact, in the rapid development of science and technology now, the Internet technology is increasingly mature and popular, the coverage of the area is expanding, in fact, many smart home products have entered the public's field of vision. Whether you live alone or as a family, home is our warm harbor. So the safety of the environment that occupy the home, cannot ignore absolutely, take precautions for a rainy day just is hard truth. Its high-efficiency, intelligent and humanized customized design is slowly improving people's living efficiency.

Now the situation of pilferage happens from time to time, a few old village, although find a place for window of guard against theft, guard against theft door, also cannot prevent their behavior of pilferage, and the home is the harbor of everybody originally, but if become the concern of burglar, this is the problem that needs to be solved urgently necessarily. What is more terrible is to hear news reports that some gold stores or mobile phone stores have been stolen, resulting in heavy losses and even personal safety threats. Today xiaobian recommend infrared alarm, whether it is a family or a shop, its property security can be guaranteed.

Burglary, infrared alarm issued a burglar alarm. Outside the subject received a warning message, immediately alarm, guangzhou yuexiu police quickly round up, the subject just returned home, the thieves have been arrested by the police. Yangcheng sent reporters from guangzhou yuexiu police 23 learned that recently, yuexiu police busted a burglary, the infrared alarm.

November 13 at 4 o 'clock in the morning, live in yuexiu district zhongshan third road east gao avenue Mr Huang suddenly received a mobile phone message, this message is the home of the infrared alarm sent to remind the home may be broken into. Meanwhile, Mr. Huang was on his way home. Mr Huang's first reaction was that a thief had entered the house, so he immediately called the police.

After receiving the alarm, yuexiu district public security bureau datang police station quickly organized police rushed to the scene disposal. After arriving at the scene, the police found that the door lock of Mr. Huang's house had been opened, and there were signs that the house had been turned over, but no suspects were found.

The police will guard the entrance and exit of the inner street and expand the search area through the analysis of the alarm time and the scene. During the search, police found a man in a nearby hospital huang (16, guangzhou) suspicious, immediately questioned. Do the huang mou of guilty conscience did not think of civilian police to appear suddenly, had confessed the course of its burglaries.

After the suspect identified huang, police surrendered stolen jewelry, digital products and other items, totaling about 120,000 yuan. Just back home, the subject of Mr Huang learned that the police have been the suspect of burglary arrested, and find their own stolen property, very surprised and grateful.

HEYI infrared alarm is a good security products, can also remind the host, the host can be based on the host panel alarm prompt light, clear alarm location, to catch the thief. This machine has automatic memory alarm time function, if the owner is not at home, home can know when the thieves patronized the home. The signal is received by the main engine of the burglar alarm and immediately emits a piercing alarm.

Once detector to detect intrusion, infrared alarm immediately transmit the wireless password invasion alarm signal to alarm host, host immediately launched the high decibel siren alarm, infrared alarm host on the front panel LED display alarm protection zones, and clearly show the invasion azimuth, owner can according to the alarm on the host panel lights, clear alarm location, to catch thieves.

Whether you're at home or out, you're in control. We will launch more to meet the needs of the public infrared alarm, leading the new trend of home security. With such a burglar alarm, we have only one purpose, that is to start the security station, let the criminals no opportunity.