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Anti Theft Alarm System for Home

Nov 14, 2018

Anti Theft Alarm System for Home

The responsibility of security is heavier than mount tai, no matter where you believe you will have heard this phrase, and home safety is also very important, we have to protect their own small home to be able to ease the construction of everyone (motherland) better. Installing burglarproof window may be our general choice of guard against theft, however the burglarproof window's ability has been questioned for a long time, at present, family is more and more valued by people. And the use of wireless alarm is the general trend, effective protection of home safety.

According to zhang, who lives on the 2nd floor, no. 25, laifuhui, qingshan street, wuhu city, the plot of his house is being demolished and his home has been stolen several times. Though the police were called, the thief was never caught, which made zhang very upset. Mr. Zhang then installed a simple iron gate on the first floor leading to the second floor. Worried, zhang's son, xiao zhang, bought a wireless alarm from the Internet and installed it in his home. The alarm not only connects to the camera and monitors the situation in the home with video, but also sends alarm information to the owner's phone in a timely manner.

Around 2 PM yesterday afternoon, Mr Zhang of father and son mobile phone at the same time receive a "breach" voice prompt, zhang first arrived at home, found the door lock is in good condition in the home, listen carefully, but close to the crack of the home from time to time came the voice of turning of the wardrobe, zhang worry about inside control is not the thief, she kept outside the door wait for dad. Two minutes later, his father, Mr. Zhang, came back.

After Mr. Zhang quietly opened the front door, he saw a young man of about 20 years old rummaging in his house. After Mr. Zhang shouted "do not move", the father and son rushed forward at the same time and threw the thief who had not yet recovered to the ground. After the thieves were brought under control, xiao zhang dialed 110 to alert the police. The area of the police station jinghu police officers after receiving a report to arrive immediately, thieves back to police station interrogation. The suspect is in police custody.

Regarding this matter, the wuhu public security bureau jinghu police station cha yongfeng director said that the zhang and his son brave arrest thief behavior should give affirmation. But police to citizens in such an event, especially the criminal suspect has entered into the house of the case, try not to disturb the suspect, the parties should call 110 alarm in time, and to protect the good scene, wait for the police to arrest, such ability can avoid unnecessary harm, "one thousand burglary suspect is not a man, and hand weapon, unpredictable consequences.

People's standard of living, gradually began to pay attention to safety, and security includes not only the personal safety, and member of the family and property safety, how to more effectively safeguard the personal property security, is now a hot topic, and technical prevention also gradually get recognition, on the one hand from and technology mature, also from the changing attitudes of consumers on the other hand, small make up today is to introduce a wireless alarm W20.

A powerful, stylish, affordable wireless alarm W20, WIFI/GSM dual-network protection, more secure; Support the use of network camera, the APP can be remote video monitor; One key to open the remote voice message of APP; Each step of the operation has voice prompt, the operation is simpler; Support the propaganda function. As a security system, it is trustworthy, multiple protection, many consider the user in the security of security may encounter problems.

It USES infrared human sensor to perceive illegal intrusion and realize alarm function against theft. The host USES a SIM card that supports GSM network. If there is an alarm, dial the alarm according to the phone number or phone number set by the client. It is an important equipment for preventing theft, robbery and fire accidents. In case of an emergency, you can immediately notify the host by phone, so that you can quickly take emergency measures to prevent the occurrence of accidents or the expansion of disasters.

In recent years, with the development of smart home, family security has become a new consumption hotspot. Family security is not only a product, but also a new way of life. The appearance of wireless alarm is a new choice for people who pay attention to family safety in pursuit of quality of life.