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Analysis of Various Issues in the Installation of Door Magnetic Alarms

Jun 07, 2018

Analysis of Various Issues in the Installation of Door Magnetic Alarms

With the development of society, the standard of living continues to increase, and people’s need for a sense of security is gradually increasing. When we are not at home, although the doors and windows will be locked, it will not stop the thieves from stealing the door. Therefore, in order to prevent theft, more and more smart security products enter the people's field of vision; door magnetic alarm is one of them, it can effectively defend the enemy outside the door to protect home security.

We often encounter a variety of problems when using magnetic door alarms. Many problems you may encounter for the first time, so do not know how to solve; the following sharp security for everyone to talk about the magnetic door alarm installation Matters and the most common issues and solutions:

First, the installation method:

Wireless door magnetic alarm A (transmitter) and wireless door magnetic alarm B (magnet) should be installed separately, ie the transmitter is mounted on a fixed door frame, and the magnet should be installed on the moving door.

Second, the installation should pay attention to:

1. The magnetic position of the door should be determined according to the minimum angle of entering the door. The distance between the magnet block and the magnetic switch must not exceed 10 mm. To ensure the wireless effect, please pull the antenna away completely.

2. The magnet block should be installed in the movable part, door or window; the magnetic switch should be installed in a fixed position. Such as the door frame or window frame, to prevent frequent activities caused by vibration damage to the magnetic door.

3. The emission indicator (red) is on, indicating that the wireless door sensor is in alarm; the low-power indicator (red) is on, indicating that the battery is not fully charged. Replace the battery in time.

4. Test: After the installation is completed, the switch door test installation performance, each time the door is open, the action indicator light is on to indicate that the installation is successful; if the action indicator light is on or off at the door, the installation is unreasonable. Readjust the mounting position and adjust the spacing between the two.

Third, the most common problems:

1. The door magnetic trigger light is on, but the main unit cannot be triggered to alarm. Solution:

(1) Check the transmission distance between it and the control panel to see if the maximum transmission distance between the magnetic door alarm and the control panel has been exceeded. Methods The door magnet and burglar alarm host were first put into a test.

(2) Check whether the battery in the door magnetic detector has electricity or whether the battery buckle connection in the door magnetic detector is broken. Check the surroundings of the door sensor installation and check whether the circuit board of the door alarm is damaged.

2, the indicator light is not bright or long bright does not extinguish, solution:

(1) Check whether the solder joints on the circuit board are loose or fall off. If the solder joints on the circuit board of the door alarm loosen or fall off, they must be loosened in time. The shedding part is welded.

(2) Check the battery power of the magnetic door alarm, check whether the installation distance of the magnetic door of the door has changed, and check the installation position of the magnetic door of the door is correct.

The products that are really easy to use will not be ignored. The magnetic door alarm is small, but it has an extremely important position in smart home security. I believe that with the development of technology, it can provide “small and beautiful” quality for smart home life.