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Analysis of Acousto-optic Alarm Working Principle

Jul 04, 2018

Analysis of Acousto-optic Alarm Working Principle

For the need of life safety, alarm plays an important role in a certain period of time. For security alarm there are many kinds of industries, including sound and light alarm is one of them, for rest, to sound and light alarm may also feel more strange, then let small make up to you to introduce the working principle of acousto-optic alarm, and matters needing attention of installation.

Acousto-optic Alarm Working Principle:

Acousto-optic alarm is a kind of installation at the scene of acousto-optic alarm device, when site fire and confirmed, install the light in the scene of the fire alarm can be controlled by the fire fire alarm controller, a strong acousto-optic alarm signal, in order to alert the field staff.

The acousto-optic alarm is amplified by the triode and transformer by using the sound chip to push the loudspeaker to make a sound. The timing circuit is used to control the bright light signal from ultra - bright led. When a fire occurs in the field and is confirmed, the fire acoustic-optic alarm installed in the field can be started by the fire alarm controller controlled by fire linkage programming.

Acousto-optic alarm are named according to the alarm alarm way, named after the acousto-optic alarm alarms refers to the discovery of the invasion was high decibels alarm, flashing lights at the same time to deter thieves reminded tenants, neighbors, security is illegal invasion.

Acousto-optic alarm of general and infrared detector, door magnetic acousto-optic anti-theft alarm system, when the infrared detector or door sensor to detect the invasion was immediately send alarm signal to the acousto-optic alarm, acousto-optic alarm immediately report to the police.

Acousto-optic alarm is a kind of use in dangerous places, by acousto-optic to ask people to send out warning signals that can't ignite flammable gas alarm device, can be issued at the same time are two kinds of acousto-optic alarm signal.

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