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Alarm System You Can Install Yourself

Aug 02, 2018

Alarm System You Can Install Yourself


Simple but not ordinary

Durable long range 2.4g wireless alarm system.jpg

    It’s a awesome smart alarm system. With no wires and no fuss go wherever you want. Fashionable appearance design can combined with your furniture very well. Operate via smart phone App just as easy as 123, turning your security reinforcement into a fun DIY project.

. You would like this bodyguards.

Main  features:

- Cloud server provide you with safe and reliable condition monitoring

- Smart sharing with you family as different control authorization

- Video monitoring real-time control

- Arming/Disarming timers can be set base on weekdays and weekend make alarm more intelligent

- Standby 8 hours at least

- Open/close notification:altered by arming failure

- 8 smart sockets make your life intelligence:control the power of electrical devices over the network from anywhere.

- Remotely firmware updating by app software:one button upgrade panel firmware on App ,get more extended function in real time. 

- Multi-language App operation

Below video link on YouTube is APP operation of HY-W20. Enjoy it! Everything is under control at your fingertip.