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Alarm System Works with Two Sirens

Oct 19, 2018

Alarm System Works with Two Sirens

How to use siren address copy function, to add more than one wireless siren.

First prepare two sirens:

For example: HY-6107W wireless siren, HY-6107S wireless solar siren.

6107W siren as Siren A(siren address: 30113031)

6107S siren as Siren B (siren address: 01112020)

First step enroll sirenA to 518Aalarm panel, as below picture show:

alarm system

Then we can begin to do siren address copy function:

First step: Long press Siren B “ENROLL” and “NEX” button at the

same time until you hear a “DI”, and the RED/BLUE LED light begin to

flashing, siren B now enter siren address copy function status.

solar wireless siren

Second step: under copy address status, firstly long Siren B “ENROLL”

press button not release, then press Siren A “ENROLL” button one time,

you will hear one “DI”, and the flashing red/blue LED light turn to long

bright, mean siren A address successfully copy to Siren B, short press

Siren B “SET” button to exit copy address status. After above setting,

please test if the system alarm, both sirenAand Siren B working.

wireless siren