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Alarm System Wired Zone Wiring Method

Jun 01, 2018

Alarm System Wired Zone Wiring Method

This wiring method is for HY-518 PSTN/GSM Alarm System. To specific information, please go over the user manual. 


Wired Zone Connection: Z1-Z8 & GND

Z1-Z8 & GND is the eight zone interfaces. Z1-Z4 interface is to connect with zone loop positive side; C interface is to connect with zone loop negative side. Please especially notice the connection polarity to avoid damaging related devices. When connecting with manual switch or foot switch, user can ignore its polarity.

Each zone loop type can be programmed as “cut-off alarm”、”closed alarm” and ”end of line”. If zone loop type is programmed as “cut-off alarm” or “closed alarm”, then the detector interface can be connected with zone loop interface. If zone loop interface is programmed as “end of line”, then 2.2K resistance should be connected with end of loop (including zone loop). The connection principle: normal open detector should be parallel connected with 2.2K resistance; normal close detector should be connected with 2.2 K resistance in series. In order to avoid damaging loop wires (be cut off or be cut out), it is better to program zone loop as “end of line”.

If lead wires and cable wires are connected with the same interface, then it is necessary to tighten and screw them together, then insert them into the interface. If it is required that lead wires are wire-wrap connected with cable wires, then they should be soldered after wire-wrap connection. In addition, resistance lead wires should be shorter as far as possible to avoid causing short circuit. If it needs panel to offer power to detector, then the positive side and negative side of detector power input terminal should be respectively connected with AUX and C interface.