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Alarm System to Buy

Nov 16, 2018

Alarm System to Buy

HY-518A Engineering Network Alarm System adopts the up-to-date digital sensor and transfer technology, which integrates Burglar, Fire and Gas Leakage protection. It supports dot matrix LCD,English image-text display and optional dual-network (PSTN wired network and GSM wireless network). It also can remotely control and program panel by IOS or Android App which supports multiple languages. Meanwhile, octuple zone module, octuple relay module and programming key module are optional. Due to its high performance low power microprocessor with multiple functional and stable module design, the system is widely used in residence, marketplace, finance system and enterprise.

Main Features 

◆ It is easy to operate with 4*4 keypad and dot matrix LCD display. 

◆ 16 wired zones and 16 wireless zones are shared with zone numbers. Support multiple zone types. 

◆ Built-in 8 wired zone interfaces in panel. The other 8 wired zones can be increased by developing octuple zone module. 

◆ 3 detectors for each wireless zone, 48 wireless detectors maximum can be enrolled. 

◆ Code classification: 1 program password, 8 user’s passwords. Each authority of user’s password can be set. 

◆ 8 remote controllers maximum can be enrolled. 8 remote controllers’ operation authority is separately controlled by 8 user’s passwords’ operation authority. 

◆ 8 sub zones can be programmed independently. And the zone list can be set freely in each sub zone. 8 sub zones can be separately program to arm/ disarm by 8 remote controllers or 8 user’s passwords. 

◆ 8 groups of alarm phone maximum can be set. It can give an alarm through PSTN wired network voice and Contact ID.

◆ Support ADEMCO Contact ID communication protocol. 

◆ Thorough re-dial mechanism makes sure the reliability of alarm report when communication is busy of fails.

◆ It has built-in siren in panel and supports a wired siren and wireless siren function. 

◆ Support 20s user-defined recordings. Alarm host will playback the recording when voice alarming. 

◆ Pre-recorded standard voice is preserved in panel. It will precisely report the alarm info when alarming.

◆ Support preventing false alarm function. The real alarm will happen if zone triggered times reaches preset times within effective time. 

◆ Support arming/disarming/monitoring/propaganda/programming by phone on off site. 

◆ Support SOS button for emergency alarm for elders. 

◆ 4 alarming/disarming timers can be set based on weekdays and weekends. Different user lists can be chosen to arm/disarm. 

◆ AC and battery power status can be reported to users, optional on/off. 

◆ Arming/disarming status can be reported to users or center, optional on/off. 

◆ 100 history recordings are preserved in panel. 

◆ 8 sub zones can be programed independently. And the zone list can be set freely in each sub zone. 

◆ Two octuple relay modules can be connected maximum.Each relay can be set as followed event output or followed zone output.(Keyboard/App Control optional) 

◆ Wired keypad optional, can control the panel to arm/disarm and daily operation directly, the panel status can be showed in  keyboard LCD screen include zone status and multi-system status. 

◆GPRS/LAN module optional,it can be upgrade to network alarm panel,support operating,querying and programing the panel by IOS and Android App. 

◆ A group of normal open/closed alarm relay output interface. Various alarm events will drive relay to output. 

◆ Two octuple relay modules can be connected maximum. Each relay can be set as followed event output or followed zone output. 

◆ Both AC 220v and 12V/7AH storage battery supply power for panel. Usually, when the storage battery is charging, the power supply will turn AC power into battery power automatically. Also, when battery low power is reported, it adopts limited current discharge protection circuit to avoid battery damaged. 

◆ Optional GSM module, dual-network (PSTN wired network + GSM wireless network) is stable and reliable. When one network fails to connect or communicate with center, it will auto-switch to the other networks. 

◆ Support optional GSM module. Support operating and programming the panel by IOS and Android app. 

◆ Support optional GSM module. Name of zone 01-16 can be freely modified. 

◆ Support optional GSM module and arming/disarming/monitoring/propaganda/programming by phone/SMS on off site.

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