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Alarm System for Shops

Dec 03, 2018

Alarm System for Shops

Burglary cases happen from time to time along the street shops, the main reason is that the shop owners at night guard consciousness is not strong, security facilities are not in place, it is easy to become the target of thieves patronize. Overnight, all the maotai liquor was stolen. A maotai wine theft occurred in guizhou, once again told the majority of shop owners: shops online burglar alarm system is essential in the operation of shops.

What happened: "there was a robbery in shiqian county, guizhou province. A clerk in a moutai liquor store called the police and said that all the high-end moutai liquor had disappeared overnight. The shop assistant claimed that all moutai liquor worth more than 2,000 yuan had been stolen. Shiqian county public security bureau criminal investigation brigade video investigation squadron wu Lin introduced: the thief is to use a jack to roll over the curtain door after the top, smoothly into the store, the store will be slow to move all the maotai empty. The thief has a strong sense of anti-reconnaissance, the surveillance can not see his true face.

From the perspective of the whole process of maotai liquor theft, this shop only installed video monitoring system, but did not install the shop online burglar alarm system. Because of such negligence, the thief repeatedly committed the crime in the shop, all the maotai liquor empty. Imagine: if the shop installed online shops anti-theft alarm system, thieves will immediately destroy the shutter door alarm, the rapid transmission of the police situation, the first time the police officers will arrive at the scene of the crime to stop, then, how can quietly be stolen so much maotai liquor?

Most shops along the street in shiqian county do not have unified and standardized property management and security precautions, which is precisely the use of suspects, brazen burglary. Liu Junxue analysis, most commercial shops are open environment of the project, some shops open door outside the village surround close, shops usually have a lot of goods storage, safety consciousness weak merchants even put cash in shops, night, shops close, leave, an operator shops can easily become the target of thieves laid hands on him.

In order to solve the security risks of the vast number of shops, each store has installed a burglar alarm system, once there are illegal elements into, immediately the alarm bell rings, the timid thieves will flee. Encounter the burglar of boldness also need not worry, alarm advocate opportunity sends a message immediately to the mobile phone number that sets beforehand, you can understand the safe circumstance in the shop, make seasonable processing.

Businesses own safety awareness and is very important to prevent the theft case of shops, the owner should be according to the authors facilities need to be installed to meet the requirements, such as security doors, and high security doors should be installed as far as possible security rank, around the glass door can be mounted to the burglar mesh, etc., at the same time outside the shop, the shop installed video cameras or automatic alarm.

Door magnets are installed on doors and Windows; Infrared is installed directly in front of the store; It can be sensed when someone invades; These sensors, sensing the alarm, will immediately trigger the alarm host alarm, alarm host immediately start the alarm number, and send a message to the user and call the notification.

HEYI security can be customized for the shop owner burglar alarm system, in view of the shop is located on the roadside, large flow of people, easy to become the target of thieves, to build a three-dimensional multi-dimensional security system for the shop, from the source to the end, layer upon layer to protect the safety of the shop, let the thief to come, come back, let the shop solid as gold soup.