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Alarm System and Cameras

Feb 06, 2019

Alarm System and Cameras

"I want to install surveillance", "I want to install burglar alarm", "I want to install surveillance", "I want to install camera", "I want to install and anti-theft and can see things"... It is often said that these requirements are made, but what is the difference between a "burglar alarm" and a "surveillance camera", and what is the appropriate place for a "burglar alarm" and a "surveillance camera"?

Burglar alarm: through networking alarm devices, the need to protect the items in the area a means of "technology", after the open anti-theft devices, set in the device for the alert area, if there is an abnormal case, alarm host will in time through the alarm, telephone and other facilities to inform monitoring center management system.

Equipment: alarm host, horn, alarm equipment (infrared equipment, wireless door magnetic, glass broken detector, etc.)

Video monitoring equipment: record any action within the scope of the camera through the camera. At present, some video hosts also have real-time alarm function. But in general, video monitoring is mainly used to record the scene and save the video function.

Equipment: video recorder, camera.

Therefore, after comparing the two, we can see the differences between the two: the anti-theft alarm system is a real-time device that will immediately report to the management once a situation occurs, while the security monitoring system just records and keeps the process of everything happening.

How to choose between the two before: if you have important items to protect, you can install a burglar alarm, burglar alarm can be detected through the infrared detector once someone intrudes can promptly inform the network alarm scheduling center. Can effectively prevent valuables stolen. If you install security monitoring, it will record who and how stole what from you. Of course, if a case is reported, surveillance is key evidence for police to crack a case. But surveillance won't scare away the thieves.

If you want to get the best results, then the best way is: video monitoring and anti-theft alarm installation together, so that can play a deterrent role, but also can play after the evidence retained for use!