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Alarm Industry Prospect under the Big Data AI Era

Nov 06, 2018

Alarm Industry Prospect under the Big Data AI Era

With the rapid development of technology, various industries have gradually entered the era of intelligence. The application of artificial intelligence technology based on big data and machine learning is increasingly extensive, and the security alarm industry is no exception. As a small branch of the security industry, whether the alarm products and security services can leverage such a large market capacity, and whether they can support a large amount of research and development and operation investment, which is not only the concern of upstream manufacturers, but also the need to break through the downstream operation service providers.

Development status and characteristics of "big data" in alarm industry

At present, most alarm products do not have any basic functions and technology application of artificial intelligence by themselves. They are usually designed to cater to the market and create new concepts -- even the technology and application of big data is not available in the current alarm industry. The vast majority of alarm operators do not manage or utilize the data in the daily alarm service process (in fact, the data is basically useless information), but at the same time, they are too "self-reliant" and lack open mind and thinking.

Generally speaking, the alarm industry, especially the internet-connected alarm service enterprises, has mastered a large amount of customer data, including business categories of local customers, customer information, equipment information, defense area collocation, usage habits, alarm (failure) frequency, case characteristics and other information involved in daily alarm service. At the same time, the alarm service platform (whether network cloud or local service platform) periodically basically is to backup the data (according to the different situation of enterprise, general is according to the customer the amount of the number of alarm data platform for daily/weekly/monthly regular backup), the alarm operators also just do for these data retained (essentially local public security/security to the requirement of the relevant information involved have backup time for reference), far from use, difficult to create value, or don't have to use value.

Is that the current alarm accumulation of various data is useless information platform, fundamental reason lies in two aspects: one is whether the current alarm equipment manufacturer or alarm service platform operator itself, does not have the ability of data mining and analysis, the second is the current alarm service operation itself only to the data collected by the operator to improve conventional security services have a certain role in promoting and not for the broad masses of customers to provide value-added services, and thus gains.

In alarm equipment manufacturer, is only based on current hardware products provided by the technical characteristics and application scenario index has increased, itself does not provide more value-added, at the same time on the design and improve the function of the software platform and the lack of data integration and application ability and thinking, the vast majority of manufacturers are talking platform strategy thinking, lack of action on the actual landing and case).

On the other hand, alarm service operators seem to have a large amount of data (the information can be roughly divided into three categories: customer information, system information, usage information), in fact, these data are basically useless and redundant, one As mentioned above, it is impossible to bring added value to the user (the alarm operator itself does not have the service type and demand satisfaction capability capable of providing value-added services), and the second is that the operator's related service personnel (mainly technical maintenance personnel) do not use the data. Competence and habits - In most cases, the most common and largest amount of data accumulated by the alarm platform is false alarm information and disarming information - the time for disarming and disarming of users in any region is relatively fixed (the physical store itself is only In the winter and summer seasons respectively, the cloth disarming information can only be used as a proof of exemption after theft; for the problem of false positives, the technical maintainer can determine the cause of the false positive of a certain user without the statistical and analysis of the data (after all, the most familiar) The customer is the technical attendant who is disposed of on the spot every day, and even some intractable problems that have always been unresolved.

From these two realities, the big datamation of the alarm service industry has basically become a false proposition, which is also the root cause of the fewer and fewer operation modes in the last year or two under the banner of big data. However, can the alarm service industry not really realize big data and make better development by using the concepts and tools of big data? The maturity and superposition of artificial intelligence technology shows the light in this direction.

Opportunities for the alarm industry in the "era of big data and artificial intelligence

Mentioned above alarm industry big data in a useless embarrassment, the root cause lies in the regular data security alarm itself only tiny auxiliary to operators, did not provide extra demand for the customer satisfaction and value-added services, if there is no more adapt to and meet the demand of intelligent hardware, as well as the service platform, operators have no collection, sorting and analyzing these data, only with the combination of these basic functions, simultaneity, to use tools and related data analysis and utilization of form a complete set of business. Specifically, we can start from the following aspects:

Provide value-added services for business management. With the change of the security environment, especially the social security environment, the majority of business owners have a weak demand for safety. On the contrary, due to the recession of economic environment, the demand of individual operators for accurate publicity and sales promotion is increasingly high -- this is both an important factor and a great opportunity to cause the shrinking number of alarm service operation customers. Of course, the traditional security alarm system itself does not have and cannot be overlaid with these functions. Now many video systems have started to have the function of data statistics and analysis, as long as it is overlaid on the original alarm system and connected to the original platform at the same time (it is necessary to extend and upgrade the existing alarm platform). For example, it is convenient for the store owner to check video in the store through WeChat, understand the situation of employees on duty and customers entering the store, and at the same time increase the data statistics function such as passenger flow analysis, and output the report through the platform, which is convenient for timely adjustment of business strategy. At the same time, the platform is used to provide a wider range of crowd coverage and accurate coverage for merchants' publicity, and supplemented by some entertainment means (such as instant purchase, bonus points, etc.), which enables potential consumers to have greater participation and form a benign interaction with the business owners.

Provide services for the convenience of everyday life. As security is the foundation of daily life, the expression of needs is implicit, while the explicit needs of the general public revolve around "food, clothing, housing, transportation, food, clothing, housing and use", which is both the demand for high frequency and can be met by merchants themselves. After providing merchants with secure, smart systems and service platforms, merchants are able to reach local consumers directly, while providing consumers with more convenient and favorable choices for use in local life. For example, consumers can learn about the operation content and reality of local merchants through mobile phones, and they can choose and buy goods and services from different places on the platform. Meanwhile, they can also directly buy preferential purchase products to the store, which is convenient and affordable for consumers without education cost.

Establish a large platform to connect local merchants and end users. With numerous merchants customer resources, alarm service operators always wanted to build a platform covers comprehensive, rich in content, but has been a lack of real implementation can fall to the ground and can be combined with the original security system service vendor support (the vast majority of alarm manufacturer itself only has the capability of the development of hardware systems, professional platform development company is on-demand customization, hardware security system not only expensive but also difficult to fusion, can do almost no soft hard and be able to be born on the implementation of integrated platform). This platform is easy to be able to alert operators on original alarm platform extension (does not affect the basic security service), and can bring security services for business services to satisfy (promotion), but also can bring convenience and benefit to consumers (preferential snapping up), but also make more terminal consumers can stay for a long time in the platform (entertainment), to form a tripartite win-win.

The company based on the practical, the general alarm service operators to launch "hui the life" platform project creatively solved the alarm (visual) system and alarm platform (cloud platform + local platform), the links and interaction between businesses and consumers, through the alarm operators from the alarm service to living service channel of the development of the business transformation, provides consumers with more discount and options. At the same time, the security needs of family, individual and other popular people are integrated into a service channel, which makes it possible for the security service business to go from specialized niche to popular.

The prospect of the alarm industry in the "era of big data and artificial intelligence

In the current economic environment, the services of ToB will be further developed and promoted, which is a great opportunity for alarm operators to grasp a large number of B client resources. Big data and artificial intelligence technologies can only be fully verified and developed in the process of commercialization -- their real application is to serve and judge people's consumption behaviors, thus generating real value.

Although the current development speed is still relatively slow, the society in the future will be an era of comprehensive intelligence, and the reliance on big data and artificial intelligence technologies as the driving force will become more and more obvious. The traditional security alarm system will be completely eliminated, and the visual intelligent security system and the life service based on cloud service will become the theme.

Of course, no matter how the technology advances or how the society changes, the alarm service industry should take security as the basis, and not deviate from the starting point of service, and make more and faster explorations on this basis. The alarm service operators take commercial service and popular service as the future development direction on the basis of good security service and make full preparation for it.