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Active IR Beams

Nov 08, 2018

Active IR Beams Technology Analysis

Digital intelligent frequency conversion

By using digital circuit and modulation and demodulation technology, different transmission frequency adjustment is adopted for each transmitter head. DSP chip is programmed to receive the same frequency between transmission and reception, which can reduce interference of the same frequency and light interference of different frequency, reduce the possibility of false alarm and effectively protect the area.

Intelligent rain and fog recognition

In the case of rain-fog weather, the infrared signal is gradually weakened due to environmental interference, and the detector remembers the changes of the environment automatically, and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of the receiving end to adapt to the current environment, so as to prevent false alarm caused by the excessive sensitivity of the rain-fog day.

Intelligent power transmission

The receiver sends the required intensity of light to the transmitter according to the site environment, and adjusts the infrared emission power of the projector according to its requirements to ensure the normal operation of the system. On the one hand, the product's life can be guaranteed. On the other hand, in the case of rain and snow, the transmitting power is increased to ensure the working stability of counter - firing and prevent false alarm.

Long-lived infrared emission

All high-power gold-sealed infrared transmitting tubes are used for peripheral infrared irradiation, which increases the service life of infrared tubes from 12,000 hours of ordinary plastic infrared transmitting tubes to 50,000 hours. However, the emission current is only 20% of normal, which greatly extends the service life of the tubes.

CRC data check

There are CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum) which is used to transmit the peripheral infrared radiation alarm. In a nutshell, it is a method that uses the polynomial division of binary to obtain the check sum of data. The data transmitted by alarm shall be checked in a circular manner to ensure the effectiveness of alarm and reduce false alarm.

E2 ROM storage code

The bus sets the initial value of the shift counter and shift register in the main program. It judges whether the shift is completed at one place of the subroutine, and reads the password or writes the number to be decrypted at another place. The other subroutine judges or fetches the decrypted data to prevent tracking, ensuring the security and difficulty of decoding the transposition code.

Smart Management Bus

Smart Management bus, which adopts the cascade connection for antiaircraft, only needs the power cord and two communication buses when the bus is antiaircraft (only needs the power cord when wireless installation), which can effectively reduce the cost of wire and labor by about 30%.

Bus decoder

The smart bus can transmit the working state to the decoder in real time when it is in the shooting state. The decoder can parse out the bus address, alarm and disassembly information, and display the signal intensity, transmission power and anti-fog opening or closing state of the detector in real time, which is convenient for debugging and later maintenance.