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A Beauty Shop in Chang'an Caught Fire; Smoke Alarm Prevent Fire Disaster

Jul 30, 2018

A Beauty Shop in Chang'an Caught Fire

Smoke Alarm Prevent Fire Disaster

We often can see in the news of various fire occurs, improper use or home gas fire, cause, or a short circuit, etc., and the fire in the home is what cannot be predicted, and could be happened at any time, also could never happen, but is have to do prevention work, as long as there is a certain concept, we can't ignore.

"If it wasn't for the smoke alarm, the consequences would be dire." Recalling the fire in the early hours of July 17, ms zhu was horrified. At 5 a.m., a fire broke out in a shop in sha community of chang 'an town. The "smoke detector" installed in the shop automatically dialed 119 fire alarm phone. Chang 'an fire department rushed to the scene in time to fight and rescue, and a fire was prevented from being invisible.

Automatic alarm, timely extinguishing

Ms zhu's mobile phone rang at around 5am on May 17. "The phone from the smoke detector." Ms. Zhu, who runs a beauty shop in changan's shangsha community, caught fire early Monday after employees used a faulty electric water heater. After the fire, the smoke sensor showed great skill, and at the same time, the owner of the beauty shop zhu mobile phone issued an alarm message and phone call.

"The smoke detector automatically dialed 119 fire alarm calls and told firefighters to come to the store to help," said zhu. If it weren't for it, it wouldn't be as simple as burning a small table.

"Smoke detector" is the construction content of the second phase of the "smart network project" in changan town. By setting up "smart grid staff" on a pilot basis, no one is on duty for the smoke situation in three small places. Ms. Zhu said the store suffered less damage and no injuries because of the early warning and extinguishing.

The town has installed 3,000

At present, changan town has purchased and installed 3,000 wireless intelligent smoke sensing equipment in three pilot communities of shangsha, xinmin and xiaobian, so as to improve the efficiency of grid management in the inspection of three small places in the community. According to the report, the device has been identified by store operators, landlords and residents of the three communities for the problems of excessive daily smoke and midnight smoke alarm.

"When a fire breaks out in a store and the neighbors find out or smoke is coming out and someone asks for help, they don't call the police, and they may have missed the best time to get help." Chen darong, director of changan's big data development bureau, said that the wireless smart smoke sensor of "smart fire" solves the real-time problem of alarm. This shows that smart fire has achieved the desired effect.

What if you're not home? How to do in the field? What if you can't hear it downstairs? Under the general trend, support mobile app connection, smoke alarm came into being.

It is a very high ratio of intelligent home products, both appearance and function are traditional smoke alarm, that will not be nearly as well as the domestic first by CCCF certificate of fire detection and alarm equipment, with the trend of smart home and wireless technology, has realized the fire quickly from the cloud, to defend the safety of household and family.

The appearance is very simple and generous. It supports independent photoelectric smoke detection and alarm, which can be sent to your mobile phone by SMS or app. Let you do it in the first place to make sure the fire is brought under control as soon as possible and to reduce the damage to the family.

The fire is relentless, the world is intentional, life is limited, safety is priceless. In the vast crowd, with a heart of safety protection, choose a smoke alarm to use, enjoy a happy life, colorful safety life. In a word, the emergence of smoke alarms is a very important way for us to protect our safety, let's wait and see.