HY-H3 GSM alarm system home security

This intelligent gsm alarm system supports direct-call by inputting number in keypad, then we can talk with anyone on the phone.

Product Details

Product Introduction

This intelligent gsm alarm system supports direct-call by inputting number in keypad, then we can talk with anyone on the phone. And it supports one button fast calling operation, which is necessary in an emergency. Also this device supports remote WIFI network APP alarm push, mobile phone SMS and other multi-channel alarm mode. It is very simple and convenient to use with the remote control or your smart phone. Our intelligent gsm alarm system features stable and excellent working performance. It has good strength and good resistance to corrosion and rust, can be used for a long time with no maintenance cost. 


In an emergency, press the controller's SOS button, which will trigger all alarms and send SOS calls and messages to other families. This device supports 3 program phone numbers to program and control the alarm system. The intelligent gsm alarm system is made of high quality materials, which are not only nontoxic and odorless, but also waterproof, durable, recyclable and environment-friendly. We can supply you this product in a large quantity at wholesale price. Please let us know if you are interested!

Technical Parameter

Alarm Communication ways

alarm signal transmitted via GSM network


AC 100V~240V

Built-in siren

>90dB(within 1m)

Standby Battery


Siren Output Power


Number of Zones

32 wireless zones

GSM working frequency


Range of Temperature

-10℃ ~ +50℃

GSM Emission Frequency


Range of Humidity

40 ~ 70%

Receiving/ Emission Frequency

433 MHz

Emission Distance




Color of Lens

Ivory white

APP  Language

Chinese、English、Vietnamese、Dutch、 Turkish、Spanish、Suomi

SMS Language


Standard Packing

1 x alarm pane
 1x PIR sensor
1 x door sensor
2 x remote controllers
 2 x RFID cards

Details Display

guarding house expert going outside at easy

custom design based on your preferences

super function home protected

super configured function

on-site monitoring by mobile phone

arming/disarming timer

remote operation anytime anywhere

received alarm notification call at the earliest time

build in battery with lithium



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