Wireless Indoor Siren Alarm HEYI HY-6108W

Wireless indoor siren(with repeater)

Product Details

wireless indoor siren alarm HEYI HY-6108W

Brief Introduction

The indoor wireless acousto-optic siren adopts 8 bits MCU technology, built-in 16 two-color LED lights and 1 high-decibel buzzers. The indoor wireless acouusto-optic siren not only can connect with the alarm host via wireless transmission, but also can be u ed as an alarm host and a repeater. it is widely used in banks,shops and villas etc. There are a high-decibel sound output and highlight flashes when a signal is triggered,causing the intruder to flee the scene in a panic,strengthening alarm deterrence and improving the safety of the protection environment.

Main features

  1. used as a repeater, it can transmit 32 wireless accessories.

  2. 3 colors of indicator lights flashing modes.

  3. acousto-optic notice when operating arm/disarm.

  4. support 8 remote controls,32 detectors.

  5. adjustable light brightness on standby status.

  6. a strong deterrence with loudness alarm sound and dazzling warning lights.

6108W 01

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