HY-806CR Curtain Motion Intrusion PIR Sensor Detector

Brief Introduction This TriTech (intelligence) detector uses micro-doppler effect analysis, spectral analysis, dynamic thresholds adjustment, artificial intelligence etc.advanced analyzing and processing technologies for detection,providing good immunity to false alarms caused by pets. Through...

Product Details

HY-806CR Curtain Motion Intrusion PIR Sensor Detector

Brief Introduction

This product is the curtain PIR detector with high stability.Hereinafter be called the detector. It adopts advanced technology in signal processing and provides super high detection and anti false alarm performance. The MCU processing ensures its stability in design. Any intruder passing through the detection area, the detector will automatically detect the body movement. Any dynamic movement, it will send the alarm signal to the mainframe.
This product is suitable for the safety in residential areas, villas,factories, shopping malls, warehouses and office buildings etc.
Main Features
● Screwing-type mounting bracket, more stable
● 86 Box bracket optional
● MCU control, high efficient of anti false alarm
● Dual temperature compensation
● Bipolar pulse count adjustment
● Anti white light interference
● Anti RF interference
● Wall/ceiling installation
● Alarm delay 5sec./5min. option
● Dynamic threshold adjustment
● SMT process, more stable performance

Technical Parameter

Detecting Range:


Alarm output:

N.C./N.O.optional, contact DC 28V 100mA

Alarm current:

≤ 18mA


DC20V    100mA

Detect angle:

15 Degree

Operating temp.:

-10 ℃ ~+50 ℃


dual pyroelectric infrared sensor

Outline size:


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