HY-305B Wireless Keypad

This Wireless Password Keyboard For Gsm Alarm is triggered by magnetic sensor, suitable for windows and doors when opening.

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Product Introduction

This Wireless Password Keyboard For Gsm Alarm is triggered by magnetic sensor, suitable for windows and doors when opening. It has a bright red light that can be seen from far away, therefore, this device is useful for people with hearing loss. The 110 decibel sound of a wireless door alarm can help deter intruders, or alert your neighbors. The apartment alarm system is suitable for  for family, business, apartment, hotel room, garage, rv, etc. Smart sockets can control the power supply of electronic devices through the network.  You can control the on/off state from anywhere with a network connection via your mobile phone. 


The Wireless Password Keyboard For Gsm Alarm allows totally wireless operation. By successfully matching with the alarm panel, arm/disarm functions for emergency call are realized. Wireless keyboard integrates RFID card and touch button to achieve immediate control. This device also has advantages of simple operation, stable working performance and long service life. We can supply you with this product in a large quantity at wholesale price. Please feel free to contact with us directly if you are interested!


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work with alarm host

No wires No fuss

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