HY-20AT Wireless Repeater (external Antenna)

1.Convert the signal of wired accessory into wireless signal 2. Auto-test the bateery power capacity 3. Low power report to alarm host 4. Low voltage is prompted on sight 5. Design by micro power consumption,standby current≤3uA…

Product Details

HY-20AT Wireless Repeater (external antenna) 

1.Convert the signal of wired accessory into wireless signal 
2. Auto-test the bateery power capacity
3. Low power report to alarm host
4. Low voltage is prompted on sight 
5. Design by micro power consumption,standby current≤3uA
6. Emission Distance:≥300m(in the open area)
7. Emission  Frequency:433.92 MHz
8. Size:79×37×20.5mm(L*W*H)(emitter)        
9. Working Power:DC 3V( battery No.7 1.5V/AAA 2pcs)     

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